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Erstelldatum 30.09.2021
Änderungsdatum 29.03.2022
Version 1.20220328
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Nagios Plugin to check an epson projector over snmp

You need to install php-snmp

If you find a bug or have a request, write me.


/usr/bin/php ./check_projector_epson.php -H -P 2 -C public -m status
OK - Standby (Warning: OK, Critical: OK)

/usr/bin/php ./check_projector_epson.php -H -P 2 -C public -m uptime
OK - EPSON Network Projector [0X010664GXWWV110/0X6452WWV110/----] - 0 days, 2 hours, 52 minutes, 46 seconds

/usr/bin/php ./check_projector_epson.php -H -P 2 -C public -m lamptime -w 5000 -c 7500
OK - lamp time: 120 hours | lamptime=12h;5000;7500;0;99999


Usage: /usr/bin/php check_uptime.php -H [home] -P [snmp_version] ( -d (debug) -V (snmp debug) -w [warning] -c [critical])


2 -C [community string] (default -C public)
3 -u [user] -p [password] -a [auth. prot. (MD5/SHA] ( -x [priv. proto. (DES/AES)] -X [priv. password])

-m mode status
  lamptime (warning and critical hours)



Version 1.20220328
correct debug mode

Version 1.20211206
help added version and contact

Version 1.20210930
First Release

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