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Erstelldatum 17.03.2021
Änderungsdatum 22.06.2021
Version 1.20210319
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Nagios Plugin to check cpu/load over snmp (Linux/Windows)

You need to install php-snmp

If you find a bug or have a request, write me.

/usr/bin/php ./check_cpu.php -H -m linux -w 80 -c 90
OK - 29% (User: 19% System: 10% I/O Wait: 13% Idle: 58%)|Cpu=29%;80;90;; User=19% System=10% IOWait=13% Idle=58%

/usr/bin/php ./check_cpu.php -H -m load -w 1,1,1 -c 2,2,2
CRITICAL - load average: 1.57, 2.94, 3.01 | load=1.57;1;2;; load5=2.94;1;2;; load15=3.01;1;2;;

/usr/bin/php ./check_cpu.php -H -m windows -w 80 -c 90
OK - 17.00% | CPU=17.00%;80;90;0;100



/usr/bin/php check_cpu.php -H [host] -P [snmp_version] -m [mode] (-w [Warning] -c [Critical] -v (debug) -V (snmp debug))


snmp_version 2

-C [community string] (default -C public)


-u [user] -p [password] -a [auth. prot. (MD5/SHA] ( -x [priv. proto. (DES/AES)] -X [priv. password])

-m mode linux (default)



cpu_linux cpu_load2 cpu_windows3


Version 1.20210319
corrected error perfdata

Version 1.20210317
First Release


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