Changelog - check_unifi.php

Version 1.20240514
new API Version 1.90

Version 1.20240122
new API Version 1.1.83

Version 1.20231125
array definition php8.1

Version 1.20230620
check php Version and needed extension

Version 1.20230530
new API Version

Version 1.20220810
add mode switch_transfer/switch_transfer+
bug fix counts_client_unifi, transfer/transfer+
client_transfer, client_transfer+

Version 1.20220626
change controller to use -r
change clients_ssid to use -r and -i for guest wifi
minor bug fixes
Thanks's to Gaston, Florian and Patrick
Version 1.20220614
add mode alarms_count
Thank's to Patrick St. Jean

Version 1.20220610
clients_name list clients sorted
ap_name, switch_name, ap_unifi_name,
switch_unifi_name list sorted

Version 1.20220511
add console check devices_console
add checks udm_temperature, lte, lte_failover, lte_uplink
Version 1.20220415
add client_experience

Version 1.20220406
New API Version 1.1.79

Version 1.20220322
New API Version 1.1.78
rewrite mode update
Version 1.20220216
exclude one or more AP or Swtich from check
(ap, switch, ap_unifi, swich_unifi, ap_unifi_name
and switch_unifi_name)

Version 1.20220117
add clients_wifi and clients_wifi_unifi

Version 1.20220103
New API Version 1.1.76

correct mode update
changed mode clients_transfer+
change test config file exist 

Version 1.20211206
help added version and contact

Version 1.20211129
add warning and critical wire uplink

Version 1.20211119
corrected mem% (warning and critical)
Thanks's to Artur (via mail)

Version 1.20211109
New API Version 1.1.74

Version 1.20211007
corrected performance data client_uplink

Version 1.20210930
New API Version 1.1.71

Version 1.20210623
corrected clients_name_guest count 2GHz clients if there is a guest 

Version 1.20210601
add clients_ssid (count all clients for every ssid)
add clients_count_ssid/clients_count_guest_ssid

Version 1.20210520
corrected ap/switch name if there no alias and ap/switch is offline

Version 1.20210519
corrected count offline ap/switch if more then one ap/switch is offline

Version 1.20210517
Count over all sites

Version 1.20210511
corrected sum clients_count/clients_count_guest
used for accesspoints

Version 1.20210507
corrected client_transfer+ (if KByte > 1024)

Version 1.20210429
add clients_all (count all wired/wifi clients)

Version 1.20210427
over all clients count for mode 
Thanks to "SysAdmRBE" from

Version 1.20210426
corrected uplink/client_uplink
add client_uptime

Version 1.20210422
corrected mem/mem%

Version 1.20210405
add client_uplink

Version 1.20210323
change status of accesspoints in config file (-C) for mode
client_name/client_name_guest/ client_count/clients_count_guest
new API Version 1.1.70

Version 1.20210316
add client_transfer/client_transfer+ (it will take 30 seconds to get a check result)

Version 1.20210308
corrected status code (Warning/Critical) for mode ap and switch
Thanks to "kemecs" from

Version 1.20210305
corrected mem%
changed transfer/transfer+ (it will take 30 seconds to get a check result)

Version 1.20210227
change help 
add client bands to clients_name/clients_name_guest

Version 1.20210225
corrected channels (-1/+1)
corrected $dir_unifi_client

Version 1.20210219
model is integrated in Api
update ap/switch now with warning and critical
add site (to find the sideid)
add multisite (-S)

Version 1.20210211
minor bugs fixes
add transfer+ 

Version 1.20210211
minor bugs fixes
change Client.php to unifi_client.php
change default path from /usr/local/nagios/libexec to the path of the script 
change modes:
linux_load to load
linux_cpu to cpu%

Version 1.20210210
add following checks:
- transfer
- experience
- utilisation
- clients_name_guest
- clients_count_guest
- linux_load
- linux_cpu
- update

Thank's again to Keith from UK for the input.

Version 1.20210204
-C - config file unifi.php instead of the controller parameter -H,-u,-p,-P
and -s
add mem% output memory percent
perfdata uptime (seconds)

Thank's to Keith from UK for the input.

Version 1.20210130
uplink accesspoint now also wire

Version 1.20210127
new API Version 1.1.68
count Accesspoint and count Switch

Version 1.20210124
minor bugs fixes

Version 1.20210118
new API Version 1.1.63

Version 1.20210106
cpu now with warn and crit percent

Version 1.20210104
mapping short label type to real name (uptime)