Changelog - check_network.php

Version 1.20220406
correct status, if the value is alphanumeric

Thank's to Ludmil over mail

Version 1.20220328
correct debug mode

Version 1.20220222
add interface -i

Version 1.20211206
help added version and contact

Version 1.20210429
changed -m to -o (equal to the other scripts
check_mem.php, check_disk.php)

Version 1.20210304
add seconds -s (check period of interface)
add label -l
add Debug Input/Output (-I/-O)

Version 1.2021301
default output "MB" missed

Version 1.2021018
corrected typo error

Version 1.20210217
add -m output/perfdata

Version 1.20210215
First Release